Monday, August 27, 2007

Technosaurs #2 kicking off

I noticed over the weekend that Kevin Wasden of is kicking off the second issue of his web comic, Technosaurs. The series is written by Wasden and Darwin Garrison, with art by Wasden. The comic is about anthropomorphized dinosaurs and a brother and sister suddenly thrown into their world. Give it a look because I think you will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality of the art and the storyline.

Wasden also reports that the first issue of Technosaurs will be released in print in late September. He currently has a sketchbook available for sale.

Also relating to online comics, I forgot to mention Commodore Dinosaur by Brad Olrich when I linked to it a while back. I haven't had time to read through the series yet, but it is about a superhero whose power is turning into a dinosaur. The comic appears very tongue-in-cheek, from what I saw.

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Bob Mozark said...

Dinosaur Comics is one of the oldest (since February 2003) and most famous online comics. It has three characters: a T-rex, a Dromiceiomimus, and a Utahraptor. The same drawing is used every day, just the dialogue between the three characters changes.