Thursday, August 9, 2007

Neozoic preview

The good folks at Red 5 Comics have sent me a preview of their upcoming dinosaur comic, Neozoic, which they've asked me to share. You can click on each of the following images for a larger picture.

Neozoic is set on an alternate earth where the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs missed, allowing humans and dinosaurs to evolve side-by-side. It's an uneasy existence, with a group of skilled hunters known as the Predator Defense League charged with protecting the citizens of the walled city Monanti against very hungry saurian predators.

The comic is the creation of Paul Ens, with pencils by J. Korim and colors by Jessie Lam.

Neozoic will be on shelves in October. Red 5 Comics also has two other titles coming out, Atomic Robo and Abyss.

I'll have a review of the first issue of Neozoic up within a couple days. (It's been a long day today -- I'm basically sleep-typing this.) Red 5 Comics is trying to get the word out to comic shops, so they've created a PDF order form readers can use to grab a copy of the title. You can also order the comics here.


Laelaps said...

Lucky! I wish people sent me free dino stuff, but then again my blog isn't the ultimate in paleo-fiction writing. :)

When I saw your announcement of the title it definitely caught my eye, and the artwork looks absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely will be looking forward to seeing/hearing more about this title. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kevin said...

Overall it looks pretty good, except the girl on the cover has a big anatomy error (right hand on her left arm). Still, I'm looking forward to your review.