Friday, September 14, 2007

Time Spike coming next summer

It looks like next summer we will have at least one new work of paleo-fiction -- I think.

Authors Eric Flint and Marilyn Kosmatka have a new science-fiction novel coming out titled Time Spike. The cover shows a T. rex ready to chow down on Spanish Conquistador, with pterodactyls flying overhead. There is nothing about the book yet on the publisher's web site, but I found the cover image and the below blurb on the novel's page:
Captain Mark Stephens was overseeing the change of shifts at the state of Illinois’ maximum-security prison when the world outside was suddenly ripped. They thought it was an earthquake until they found that the Mississippi river had disappeared, along with all signs of civilization. Then the sun came up—in the wrong direction. And a dinosaur came by and scratched its hide against the wall of the prison . . .

Something had thrown the prison back in time millions of years. And they were not alone. Other humans from periods centuries, even millennia apart had also been dropped into the same time. Including a band of murderous conquistadores. But the prison had its own large population of murderers. They couldn’t be turned loose, but what else could be done with them? Death walked outside the walls, human savagery was planning to break loose inside, and Stephens and the other men and women of the prison’s staff were trapped in the middle.
Not sure from the description how much Time Spike will involve dinosaurs, but it's still worth noting. also gives a release date of May 6, 2008, for the book, so we're going to be waiting awhile for this one.

I've never read anything by Eric Flint, but I've noticed that his name appears on many books he has apparently co-authored with numerous other writers. I suspect this is because he writes the substance of the book while the other, usually unknown author provides the plot outline. Anyone know if that's the case?

Anyway, Flint has also co-authored Boundary with Ryk Spoor. The novel has something to do with dinosaurs, although I'm not certain what role they play in the plot. I haven't read it yet because I was waiting for the paperback to come out, but the publisher isn't going to release a paperback until early next year, so I guess I'll hunt down a copy. (No offense to the writers, I've just always preferred paperbacks, finding them more convenient to carry and read.)


Joel said...

Eric Flint is terrifc (and prolific) writer who writes plenty on his own, AND collaboratively.

Among other things he began the 1632 series - highly recommended.

The great thing about his work, and his publisher Baen, is that they make a lot available for free, online:

Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

Boundary is available as a low-cost eBook at Baen, BTW. And Flint and Spoor are working on a sequel.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's out... and it was worth the wait. I will be looking for more from Eric Flint and I hope that new comer Marilyn Kosmatka gets her shot at a solo book. I'll be watching for it!