Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New book: Learn how to hunt dinosaurs this September

Have gun, will time travel? Then there is a soon-to-be-released book you may want to pick up before heading to the Mesozoic.

Dinosaur Hunter: The Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Game is billed as a field guide for time travelers seeking to hunt dinosaurs in their native habitats. I don't know much about the book other than it is labeled as science fiction and the author – Steve White – was the editor of an excellent book about modern-day dinosaur art. Here's the cover blurb:
Congratulations - your application for a Mesozoic hunting license has been successful!

Before you travel back in time and charge headlong into a teeming pack of prehistoric big game, we strongly advise that you read the following guidebook. It will provide you with information crucial to success - and survival! You will learn the basic facts of geography, climate and environmental conditions of the three periods that make up the exciting Mesozoic era. Then you will uncover the startling variety of fauna that populates this ancient earth, as well as the specific information on tracking, spores and behaviour so essential for the field sportsperson. Remember, in this time, these monstrous beasts rule the earth, so arming yourself with the facts is vital. Let the hunt begin!
Dinosaur Hunter comes from Osprey Publishing, which is best known for its detailed military histories. However, the company also publishes a line of mock “nonfiction” histories about fantastic subjects, such as werewolves, alien invaders, or the Nazi occult.

Dinosaur Hunter will be released Sept. 22. In the meantime, feel free check out my two essays about dinosaur hunting: “T. rex in my sights: the ethics of hunting dinosaurs” and “Gunning for dinosaur.”

(Note: This post has been updated to incorporate the most recent version of the cover art.)

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