Saturday, January 4, 2014

Have paleofiction news to share? Contact me!

First, a bit of news: Science fiction author David Drake recently announced on his website that Baen will republish the four adventures of his time-traveling dinosaur hunter, Henry Vickers. It will be the first time all four stories appear in a single volume, having previously been published in Time Safari and Tyrannosaur. The anthology will also feature an unrelated, "proto-steampunk" story titled Travellers. Look for Dinosaurs & a Dirigible on Sept. 2.

I hope to share more paleofiction news in the future, but I need your help. Are you a self-published author who wants to get the word out about your new dinosaur novel? Have you learned about a new work coming out in the near future? Then contact me at I won't promise to review every work I come across, and I certainly won't promise a favorable review of your work, but I will at least share the news with the wider world on my blog.

Also, I have cleaned up the comments section and have implemented some new rules for posting feedback, all part of my effort to fight spam. Comments will now be moderated. Don't fret: My only rule for posting is you keep it on topic and civil. Feel free to disagree with my reviews - vehemently if you want - but treat other people's opinions with respect. Again, reach out to me via email if you have any concerns about how your comments were handled.

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