Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Neozoic: A new dinosaur comic coming in October

It's been a while since we've had a dinosaur comic hit stores, but now it looks like the drought is almost over. A new title, Neozoic, is coming in October from Red 5 Comics. Here is a summary of the plot from the publisher:
In NEOZOIC, a debut title from publisher Red 5 Comics, there’s nothing special about an 80-foot-long brachiosaurus lumbering past a group of human travelers. It’s been going on for millions of years.

However, if those same humans hear the blood-thirty roars of a T-Rex, then it’s time to call the professional super-hunters of the Predator Defense League. Armed only with swords, arrows, warrior cunning, ruthless precision and a lifetime of training, these exceptionally skilled athletes keep the citizens of the walled city of Monanti from becoming a dinosaur’s breakfast...

Unlike most dinosaur-themed fiction, where ill-prepared and unsuspecting modern-day humans are thrust together with pre-historic beasts through some contortion in time, NEOZOIC imagines an Earth where the dinosaurs escaped extinction altogether. As a result, the entire history of the human race unfolded side-by-side with the giant beasts, leading to a society greatly different than the one we know today.

While the kinetic pencils of J. Korim and the rich colors of Jessie Lam deliver on the promise of epic evenly-matched human / dino battles like never seen before, the complex heart of NEOZOIC is in its ensemble cast of characters.
Sounds like an interesting twist on the man-vs.-dinosaurs theme, although that lady on the cover must be a pretty tough character to take on a T. rex is nothing more than a sword.

The title also reminds me of Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz (review coming soon). Xenozoic Tales concerns a make-believe geologic age where humans and dinosaurs lived side-by-side, although the Xenozoic was set in the future where the Neozoic sounds like it is set in an alternate reality.

Anyway, there isn't much news about Neozoic yet, but you can read what news there is on the publisher's web site.

* Thanks to Bob Mozark at Antediluvian Tours Inc. for pointing out the comic.

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